ComfortPages Publisher - one step, three channels

Social Media Posts – up-to-date in no time

Facebook, Instagram, and off course your own website. Updating all three can take a lot of time and a fair bit of nerves. Now you can take care of all three channels in one go with the new ComfortPages Publisher.

The cool thing is, all contents are also posted on your website, helping you get better search engine results. You can plan and post Facebook, Instagram and your website all from the same source.

The ComfortPages Publisher has an easy to use planning calendar, in which you can plan your posts as far ahead as you like. Never forget a valentines day anymore, plan it all ahead in the uncluttered calendar. This way you can finish all your posting stress free and ahead of time, at whatever time suits you best.

You can even make it easier for you and let us take care of your social media posts, or choose a social media agency yourself. All the agency has to do is login to your website, there is no need for a Facebook or Instagram-Account access.

Der ComfortPages Publisher – Multi talent with many advantages:

What the Publisher can do:

  • Plan your Facebook post – also Multi-Image Feeds
  • Read your Facebook post – the app will simultaneously post the contents directly onto your website
  • Plan the removal of Facebook posts - including the removal from your website
  • Simultaneous posting on Instagram, you can define hashtags for Instagram and also define a separate picture perfect for Instagram - sticking to the preferred squared size of 1080 x 1080 pixel
  • Read Instagram posts - meaning that if you post directly with Instagram from your mobile device, the new posts will show up immediately in your site as well

Roadmap: we are working on a new "Big-Data" solution, with which you will be able to managed and host videos directly on your website, and also publish videos onto Facebook with the ComfortPages publisher.

ComfortPages Publisher Screencast

Book now for the early bird price of € 21,00 per month or € 240,00 per year!