Webshop from Salzburg - Austria

Webshop ready!

We are happy and proud to announce that the ComfortPages Webshop is ready. After many customer requests, we now have a the first ComfortPages Webshop ready for De Bloemenweide in Holland.

Since then, many different brands have already benefited from the ComfortPages Webshop! These include:

Anima Mentis
Saphyr Salzburg Phyto Remedies
Pustet Publishing House

ComfortPages combines easy editing with a user-friendly and fast webshop.

Payment Service Provider - mollie.com

Mollie.com is one of the most modern and safe payment service providers right now. That's why it is automatically integrated with every Click & Run webshop. Our clients can choose from a variety of different payment options for their customers, such as: credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, ... Additionally, an automated check by our system makes sure that all payment conformations get sent out properly and unfinished orders are taken care of.

Brand New - Coffee from all over the world: Röstmanufaktur

A nice custom creations ComfortPages website has gone online for the Eigenheim in St. Johann im Pongau!