Clear - uncluttered inline editing

Managing a website and editing its content has never been easier

Complicated websites that hard and expensive to manage is not our business. ComfortPages uses a simple approach for high efficiency.

At first customers often wonder, "Why another CMS, there are so many already?"

When they start using ComfortPages, the feedback changes: "Wow, this really is a lot easier than all we have used before ...".

For example our customer IRMARFER. We called them a week after the installation of ComfortPages, just to ask how they were doing with the contents ... The site was already online! We didn't see that one coming ourselves.

In ComfortPages CMS nobody can do any harm, the design is fixed, and editing is very intuitive. Content is always edited directly in your page, with inline editing and not uploaded until you generate your pages.

In fact, ComfortPages CMS is so clear and concise, you can work quite comfortably on mobile as well. All themes are responsive. The design responds to the size of the viewport of the device you are using. ComfortPages CMS works on all devices, we built it using modern HTML5 web standards.