Clever - good design is now automatic

ComfortPages CMS has been built with inline editing as its core concept

ComfortPages CMS has no real "back end", all editing is done inline. This means your site looks exactly the same, regardless of whether you are logged in or not.

Editing on mobile works the same as on desktop, including file-uploads and the like. You can prepare your changes whilst on the way, quickly add things you might later forget, or correct errors you suddenly realized you made in the office just before.

We can Flash with HTML 5

Maybe you noticed, this site feels very flashy. We only load the data needed, and render on the page what is new only. Therefore the navigation for example mostly stays in exactly the same state when you click through, which can be very practical, especially on a mobile device.

For websites that are animated with JavaScript plugins, there is a flat render mode, in which one can edit all content inline, and a play mode for seeing all animations in action. After playing and trying the animations you can put all changes online. The concept of ComfortPages CMS will not only satisfy the needs of end customers, but also that of designers and developers. Developing a site - or theme - with ComfortPages CMS is very intuitive. It involves plain HTML and CSS (LESS). Depending on the skill level of the developer (JavaScript and Handlebars-Templating), you can build anything you can dream of.

Generating a site for production

When all developing is done, you don't need to worry about a cumbersome production phase. ComfortPages CMS produces a production version with a single Grunt command. Switching from one site to another is a simple change in a JSON configuration file. After a Grunt generation all is set for the next site.