Coming up 2020

Finally, a new US president will be elected, maybe even the first female president? We better stay out of this political mess and focus on what we know best: Creating even better websites for our clients... and searching for the best coffee recipe!

"Listen to your heart...". Marie Fredriksson (Roxette) will never be able to perform these lyrics again. However, we hope that in 2020 7.8 billion people will take her advice.

"Boys will be boys ...", is that a bad thing?!

There was once a young boy from the UK, who had way too much energy for his own good. To calm him down, the teachers allowed him to run around the school building after every lecture: This helped him to regain focus. The boy's name was Winston Churchill.

There were also two young boys from the Netherlands, who invented their very own winter sport: holding onto the rear end of a car and surfing through the snowy streets of Holland. One of those boys now works as a brain surgeon. The other one? Well, we rather not tell.

We will let the boys be boys in 2020 !