3 webshops - 1 easy wwway

In the last couple of months, ComfortPages, the web agency from Salzburg, launched three all-new online shops. They could not be more different in nature: the world's first mental health gym, a coffee roasting house and an online shop for nutritional supplements. Still, all of them have one thing in common: They walked the easy wwway.

Easy, easier, ComfortPages Salzburg – now with online shops

Straight forward, clean and professional - that's the general look of ComfortPages Salzburg Websites. On top of this, they are easy and fast to manage. Changing your pages can be done by anyone and the result is always a cool design. This way, everybody is happy, not only our customers, but also the ComfortPages Websites visitors.

Recently, ComfortPages also started to offer management of online shops as an additional service. Several companies have already benefited from this:

Anima Mentis – a workout for the mind

In late 2018, the world's first mental health center opened up in Vienna, Austria. Especially in our performance-orientied society, mental health is necessary for a successful career and private life. Every new customer receives a personalized mental health plan created by professional psychologists, trainers and therapists.

Buy vouchers on their new website: https://animamentis.com ! Development and hosting by ComfortPages.

Ebnerkaffee – coffee roasting house in Salzburg

The coffee roasting house Ebnerkaffee in Salzburg looks back on a rich family tradition. The bull, the company's logo, represents the tamed strength of the coffee bean. The company is especially proud of their perfect balance between various coffee flavors and their respective coffee machines.

While you can buy Ebnerkaffee's coffee at various locations in and around Salzburg, ordering it online has never been easier with their new online shop: https://ebnerkaffee.com . Development and hosting by ComfortPages.

Saphyr Salzburg Phyto Remedies – natural food supplements

Saphyr Salzburg Phyto Remedies offers several food supplements to support the recovery process from a variety of deseases - all natural of course. The company refrains from including any sort of additional vitamins or mineral nutrients. Thus, the medicinal plants can unfold their full potential.

Buy them now in their new online shop: https://saphyr.at . Development and hosting by ComfortPages.

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