Social Media Marketing

ComfortPages enters the world of Social Media Marketing. Starting right now, we are offering a Social Media Package - extending our existing portfolio of easy-to-make websites and webshops. We wanna help your business to gain new customers via online advertising on Facebook & Instagram, while you can focus on your day-to-day hustle.

What we offer:

  • Social Media Strategies for your Facebook, Instagram & Co.
  • launching ad campagins on Facebook & Instagram
  • ongoing analysis of your target audience - acquiring new customers
  • Content Management
  • Community Management

Price: upon request

Trial Version:

Go ahead and try out our Social Media Package for a one-time fee of €320.00. With the money, you allow us to run a test ad campaign for your business and track how many new potential customers you can gain from it. After the trial period ends (~4 weeks), you can decide if you wanna continue with our fully-fledged Social Media Package.

Price: €320.00

Interested? Hit us up and we can dicuss the details:

Hint: Our Social Media Package can be combined with our in-house webshops. We can help you get more customers, while also hosting your website!