Oprichter Ray van den Berge


A long time ago Ray was born in The Hague, Netherlands. After extensive traveling, mostly to surf the best places our blue planet has to offer, he decided that picking fruits for a living was not really an option. Neither was being a professional surfer, so reality struck and made him study in the USA, at least with a scholarship for playing water polo and swimming.

After prolonged stays in Holland, South Africa and Australia Ray finally landed happily in Austria. He started working in IT in Adelaide, Australia, in 1998 and builds CMS systems since 2003. Mountain biking replaced surfing, even if there is not a whole of a lot of time left between family life and ComfortPages.

ComfortPages GmbH

ComfortPages GmbH was founded by Ray van den Berge on March 12th 2015, and got traction from the start with Woerle Cheese, a big cheese manufacturer in Austria. The idea behind creating ComfortPages was to built a CMS system without a visible back end. The site remains the same after logging in and offers easy of use by inline editing and drag & drop features. The easy wwway is the slogan, because editing is intuitive and because the pre-configured layouts leave no room for error, even for people without any CMS or programming knowledge.

Since November 2015 smaller companies can benefit from the system with the new cloud service Click & Run. With an affordable price of only EUR 140,00 per year Click & Run has been a runner from the start.